Cowboy, Ride

Old State Travelers

I have always loved Country and Western music – yes, there is a difference. Cowboy, Ride is based on personal life experiences. As children we all dream about what we will be when we grow up, and what life will look like. When I was young my only dream was to be a cowboy, fighting the bad guys and riding off into the sunset with my girl.

Often times in pursuit of our dreams life happens, and our path is drastically altered. In some cases, this change in direction is caused by some tragic event. When tragedy strikes it is easy to allow anger and hatred to take an unfortunate situation and make it worse; i.e. you cannot right a wrong by further doing wrong. In the midst of it all we too often ignore the soft voice telling us to let it go and move on. We could save ourselves and others so much pain if we could learn to let go of the past, stop listening to our inner demons, and just keep riding – hence the name of the song, “Cowboy, Ride.”

Shannon August 7, 2019

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